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Solar Field

Solar Field

Smit Group has assembled several solar fields helping to improve processes in the installation and commissioning.
We are specialists in maintenance of solar fields , having annual maintenance contracts, having an average efficiency in ties above 98%.

We have historical maintenance data of typical breakdowns and all repair procedures.

With the collection of technical data such as vibrations, ultrasound, thermography or the installation of online meters both in the equipment and in the process, key data can be obtained of the plant in operation. In this way, we can determine abnormal behaviors that can cause risks and posible damage and define the precise moment to perform certain maintenance actions to avoid surprises.

One of the fundamental advantages obtained with the integral maintenance in solar thermal plants is the creation and monitoring of technical indicators that identify the cause and the repetitiveness of the incidents, as well as the maintenance costs involved in resolving them.

Database of repetition of failures and maintenance costs.
Preventive, Corrective, Predictive.