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Scheduled outages and unplanned outages

Scheduled and unscheduled outages

Management and execution of scheduled outages. We have a technical and operational team specialized in programming, preparation and implementation of scheduled outages of all types of Industrial Plants.

We are specialists and leaders in Power Plants Outages, having made an average of 35 outages in the recent years in more than 10 different countries adapting our multidisciplinary team to the needs of the client.

We have more than 100 turbine professionals and specialists to satisfy the service needs of our customers.


  • ⊗ Reduction of deadlines and costs. Maintenance Planning Critical path.
  • ⊗ Vibration Analysis and Boroscopic & Thermographic Inspections.
  • ⊗ Project Management in Scheduled Outages.
  • ⊗ Access to high speed dynamic balancing bunker.
  • ⊗ Condition Based Maintenance.


Flexibility, speed, security.
Quick response team, we can be at the plant in 24-48 hours.